Pizza Box Challenge

The pizza challenge is on! Bring your "pizza box" or other type of project box/container to the June meeting.

The choice of quilt block, fabric and colors is yours to make. This project is not an exchange. You will keep the blocks in your box to quilt for yourself.

Download/complete the pizza box challenge form and bring it along with your pizza box and pattern to the March guild meeting. Please be aware of copyright. Do not make a copy of a pattern, even from a magazine. Include the magazine/pattern in your pizza box, but be sure to mark the pattern/magazine with your name.

What you will need:

  • 1 large pizza box or other type of flat container
  • A completed quilt block
  • Quilt block pattern or written directions. You can include a link to a website or blog. If you know of a video tutorial, include the website for that as well.
  • Fabric, if you to have a consistent piece of fabric throughout your quilt blocks. (example, you want the neutral in your block to  be the same fabric)


Complete the Pizza Box Challenge form and add it to your project box. The pizza boxes will be collected and traded at the June guild meeting.


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